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About Huf Secure Mobile and SixSense

Huf Secure Mobile is part of the Huf Group a global supplier of solutions for the automotive industry.

Utilizing the synergies within the global Huf group we are developing digital access and right management systems in combination with telematics and fleet management solutions which we are offering to car rental and car sharing companies or car pools under the SixSense brand name.

Our SixSense Apps make daily business easier and offer additional services and convenience to drivers and the end customers of mobility providers.

Our diverse team of software developers, IT-infrastructure architects, hardware component experts, and digital security  specialists follows an agile development approach for rapid product cycles and customer flexibility. Our products include vehicle hardware, mobile and web applications, and a variety of services (SaaS).

Our software developers are an active part of the JavaScript community, working on open source projects and pride themselves on a broad variety of skills.