Michaela Lehr Twitter speaker

How to make your user sick in 60 seconds – About UX design challenges when entering the world of ReactVR

Since the early years of tech, engineers and designers tried to overcome the separation between their product and their users. What if I tell you, you do not have to worry about this anymore? With the emergence of VR, your users are finally in your applications. This changes the way people interact with the digital world dramatically. And it increases your power over other people’s lives. Or as Douglas Adams wrote in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Being virtually killed by a virtual laser in a virtual space is just as effective as the real thing.” I this talk you’ll learn how to write a responsible WebVR application with ReactVR, that does not hurt your users. You’ll get an overview of the WebVR ecosystem, beginning with a short introduction of the basic VR concepts. You will also see the current status of the ReactVR in action with some code samples. Which leads to another important point of this talk: the struggles of creating VR applications today. There are a lot of unanswered questions, e.g. UX design challenges, input devices, motion sickness or browser support. This is why the talk ends with my advice on how to create responsible applications, that won’t harm your users – neither physically nor psychologically.


Michaela Lehr is a creative front-end developer and designer. She specialises in UX and WebVR, and co-founded the studio GeilDanke. In her free time she travels round the world, practices yoga, and watches way too much Buffy.