Martin Splitt Twitter speaker

Life of a pixel: A visual explanation of rendering performance

Have you ever wondered how the computer takes a bunch of boxes, makes them ones and zeroes and then puts them as little dots with vibrant colours on screen? Wonder no more! This talk goes into the nitty-gritty details of how your browser processes and renders your web application or website. It also explains all the weird things, like the mysterious and often-quoted "GPU acceleration" and why some CSS animations are smoother than others. It also covers how and why layers are great, but should not be overused. Why Canvas is cool, but WebGL is even cooler and how WebGL can be a great thing for 2D websites, too.


Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering, so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning. He loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.