Jessica Jordan Twitter speaker

Animate the Web with Ember.js

Were you a fan of animated cartoons as a kid, and wondered if one day you could create your own? Here's the great news: you can! Using open web standards and Ember.js you're able to create frame-by-frame animations—and even to make them interactive! In this talk you will learn how open web standards empower creators to tell animated stories and deliver them through the web. Alongside animation demos you will see how you can leverage the power of two Web APIs - HTML5 Canvas and the Web Animations API - in Ember efficiently and how you can embed your animations in Ember components for full flexibility and reusability across your app.


Jessica is a Berlin-based freelance front-end developer currently building ambitious web applications with Ember at Leadfeeder. She has given talks at tech meetups and conferences, including EmberConf 2017, jsDay 2017 and ClojureBridge Berlin 2016, and likes to share her passion for JavaScript, CSS and animations. Apart from that she is one of the co-organizers of the Ember.js Berlin meetup group, a regular mentor and learner at workshops run under the umbrella of OpenTechSchool Berlin and enthusiastic about free technology learning resources. Also, Jessica is a great fan of comics, animations and CSS and enjoys drawing her own stories in her spare time.